Sunday, June 9, 2013

Red Tail Trigger (Xanthichthys ringens) | Sun Pet | Creature Feature

Red Tail Trigger
Photo by Rainer Mau
The Red Tail Trigger (Sargassum Trigger) is a fish from the Atlantic/Caribbean areas that reaches up to 10 inches in length. This fish is a hardy fish regularly found in the aquarium industry that is also on the more reef-safe scale that many other Triggers and is perfect for fish only and "fowler" systems. These fish will generally leave corals alone, but will likely go after shrimps, crabs, sea urchins and other invertebrates often found in reef tanks.

The Red Tail Trigger is a purple-blue in color with ...a red tail (hence the name), dark spots covering the body, with a dark dorsal region and often blue horizontal stripes from the mouth to the gill. 

Young Red Tail Triggers are often found hiding in the Sargassum. Mature Red Tails often go to deep water for mating.

The main diet of the Red Tail Trigger in the aquarium trade is meaty foods like squid, clam, shrimp, krill, and should also be fed a hearty portion of marine algae. 

These Triggers are very hardy, boast a colorful red tail with a purple-blue body and often will not pester corals and only reach 10 inches in the wild, which makes these Triggers a great addition for the aquarium. 

Sun Pet regularly offers this great fish, if you are fish retailer please contact Sun Pet for availability.

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Monday, May 13, 2013



Sun Pet has Caiman Lizards(Dracaena guianensis)!

Photo by Jeffrey Anderson
If you are looking for something different, exotic, and colorful...look no further! 

Caiman Lizards are from South America and display an orange-red coloration on their heads, a forked tongue, a long flat tail and a green textured scales. 

Snails, Crabs, and Insects are a great diet for the Caiman Lizard. Larger Caimans can be fed fish, rodents or amphibians. 

These lizards enjoy aquatic surroundings frequenting swamps and rivers. Their long flat tail helps to propel them in the water. (See Picture Below)

Caiman Lizards typically live between 10-30 years and can grow between 2-4 feet in length.

Caiman Lizard Enjoying a Swim!
Photo by Barry Wisebram
Caiman Lizards also frequent trees. 
Photo by Barry Wisebram
Ask your Sun Pet sales representative for one today! 
Caiman Lizards are great for offering that reptile that you can't find at other stores. 

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